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Welcome to a new Business to Business website for 2016, developed to let you buy individual and wholesale quantities of Led Grow Lights at the lowest prices online. With the LED grow light market predicted to explode over the next 5 years, to a massive $1.8 Billion by 2021 (More than tripling its current value of c. $500 million). We know that for B2B businesses one of the major keys to real success, is buying the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. is that Key.

We stock the latest range of personal and professional use 5W & 3W High intensity LED full spectrum, 6 channel, Grow Lights, Grow Tents, Grow light bulbs and accessories. Our Products offer various growth modes, spectrum control, specially designed diffusers to ensure maximum coverage per wattage. Every product produced is easily serviceable to guarantee a long use life - Including and led bulb life usage of well over 100,000 hours. All of which is covered by our 1st class 2-year warranty.

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What are Led Grow Lights?

LED (light emitting diodes) Grow Lights are low energy, high intensity output LED lights grouped together within a single unit that generates enough light to enable plants to grow. LED Grow Lights have become extremely popular over the past few years, due to the numerous benefits offered – Including offering a year round growing solution, low costs, easy maintenance and the fact that Grow lights are the eco-friendliest option if you need a guaranteed growing platform.

How do LED Grow Lights compare to the alternatives?

First off, let’s talk about how light works to aide growth. Simply put: Light waves are transmitted in a host of different colors. Each color has a unique wavelength. Wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm), the nanometer results vary across the color too, so light blue and dark blue will have different nm readings. These colors (at full spectrum = white light) are what helps the plants to grow. However, some colors, set at certain wavelengths can help to produce a light emission that maximize the correct type of light exposure to improve growth.

This is where the 1st major benefit of using LED Grow Lights comes in. LED’s enable you to control this light, whereas conventional indoor grow lighting only emits the full spectrum.

A 2nd argument for the LED Grow Light camp is how well it matches up with mother nature herself! Now, we are not saying that natural sunlight is not a worthy source of lighting for growing plant life (that would be stupid) but when it comes to a straight fight between sunlight Vs designed LED lighting. All the evidence shows that LED Grow Lights come out on top. How can this be? Well sunlight transmits all sorts of wavelengths, some of which are not required for successful plant growth. Grow Lights only produce the lighting required for the job. Plus, you can count on designed light 365 days a year to perform. Unlike, our friend, the sun.

Want a 3rd benefit? Ok, how about physical usage cost. LED’s are an incredibly low cost option when you factor in electricity costs. LED’s can be 3W or 5W and offer the same performance as a standard high wattage conventional bulb. But the running cost of bulb is far, far cheaper. The average bulb life is a no contest -LED’s can offer well over 100,000 hours of usage.

Assured Quality

Quality is everything to us. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer only the highest quality LED Grow lights to buyers. We use the best casing we can find, the most reliable fans, specially designed diffusers and the best lights from world-class manufactures such as CREE and Epistar. We are so proud of our products that we provide a 2-year warranty with all of our units. We know that we can offer such a solid warranty to our customers because we rigorously test our products for performance and durability, so we know our Grow light unit’s true limits.

1st Class Support & Customer Service

We have our own factory based in China so we provide units direct from the source and every level of the purchase process you will be dealing with a member of our dedicated and knowledgeable team. There are no hidden cost or middle men, this means you can talk to us direct and through our website. All of our service staff are native English speakers so there will be no ‘lost in translation’ moments with us.

We’re Certified

You can buy your LED Grow Lights and Grow Tents from us with the peace of mind knowing that we are a CE, ETL and RoHS certified. So our products will pass any government inspection with flying colors!

Fantastic Led Grow light supplier. We purchased stock for our growing business. Could not be happier with the Lights and the Grow tents supplied.

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