Grow Lights with Reflectors

Grow Lights with Reflectors

LED Reflector Grow Lights

Our LED Reflector Grow Light range is a powerful 5W LED based unit that includes our custom designed spectrum diffuser to ensure a max coverage area and awesome energy efficiency. Our units are compact, run at low operating temperatures and ensure that extra-large coverage areas achieved, make this range one of the best choices for small growing areas. Our Reflector also features our Grow & Bloom switch, which allows you to keep full control over your grow and achieve max energy savings.

Our LED Reflector Grow Light range is the most energy and cost efficient unit we produce – it’s a great product for personal use growth. Offering some deeply impressive results with your harvest.

LED Reflector Features

  • Spectrum Controls: Growth / Bloom Modes.
  • Premium Epistar ™ 5 Watt High Intensity LED bulbs.
  • Unique spectrum diffuser that  offers ultimate efficiency.
  • Awesome per watt coverage.
  • Works incredibly well with Grow Tents.
  • 3 Year Warranty

Have more questions regarding our awesome LED Reflector Grow Lights? Feel free to send us a message or quote request.

Led grow lights' 1st customer. They did not let us down, the 400w lights we ordered came quickly and in first rate quality.

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LED Grow Lights

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