Led Grow Lights

Led Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights (Standard Range)

Our LED Grow Light range is incredibly powerful and a super reliable grow light unit. A unit that has been re-developed and upgraded to offer high intensity 5 watt LED’s. Our Grow Light range delivers an incredibly powerful output for an awesomely low price. Our units Full Spectrum blend consist of 6 different LED wavelengths at 425nm blue, 460nm blue, 630nm red, 655nm deep red,740nm infra-red, and 2700k-3000k.

LED Grow Light Features

  • 1600w full control spectrum settings: Growth and Bloom.
  • High intensity 5 Watt output LED Diodes
  • The ability to Link multiple units together.
  • Solid construction materials.
  • Easy to service.

Production level efficiency and reliability.

Our range has been through a transformation process, with us ultimately upgrading to the awesome Epistar 5-watt high intensity LED diodes. Our range is designed to produce max coverage whilst also achieving the highest output level. – Whilst still offering unbeatable prices. The unit’s solid and simple design makes our Grow Lights the best choice for large scale commercial growing operations and/or simply your garden indoors and grow your plants all year long.

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Led grow lights' 1st customer. They did not let us down, the 400w lights we ordered came quickly and in first rate quality.

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LED Grow Lights

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