Pro Led Grow Lights

Pro Led Grow Lights

Pro Led Grow Lights 

Our Professional LED Grow Light range is the most powerful range we stock. Tougher and cleverer than anything we have ever produced. Built using only the best parts including Epistar and Cree LED bulbs. If you have to have the best possible grow outcome or are looking to grow on an industrial scale – The pro range is for you. Our reflector system retrieves and uses 100% of the emitted light from the LED chips. Oh, and you can remotely control these units too!

Mars Pro Features

  • Remote controlled managed timer and growth cycle.
  • Monitor temperature and humidity.
  • Choose between LED light bulbs from Cree or Epistar.
  • New design to achieve more extreme coverage.

Control and Management

Our LED Grow Light range features remote control technology. You can operate the lights and Growth modes. You can also use the growth cycle management system to set the light timers and full growth mode cycles, including temperatures and set up to 3 complete growth cycles.

Have more questions regarding our awesome Pro LED Grow Lights? Feel free to send us a message or quote request.

Led grow lights' 1st customer. They did not let us down, the 400w lights we ordered came quickly and in first rate quality.

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