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Welcome to LedGrow-Lights.com, we are a worldwide technology company and leading manufacturer of LED Grow Lights. With a commitment to product Research and Development, quality manufacturing and secure sales processes of Grow Light and Grow Tents. We are a full certified CE, ETL and RoHS manufacturer of LED Grow Light and Grow Tents based in Shenzhen, China.

We have seen the LED Grow Light market grow at an incredibly fast rate over the past few years and users are becoming extremely savvy when making their purchases.

LedGrow-Lights.com only produce the best, and our clients testify to that fact. These principles have helped to see our company grow at a truly rapid pace. So, if you are looking for LED Grow Lights produced to European and United states standards, ensuring that our products are: Eco-friendly, non-toxic, high energy density, safe, high intensity lighting, compact in size, no risk of overheating and using market leading LED Bulbs then contact us today for a quote.


Fantastic Led Grow light supplier. We purchased stock for our growing business. Could not be happier with the Lights and the Grow tents supplied.

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Led grow lights' 1st customer. They did not let us down, the 400w lights we ordered came quickly and in first rate quality.

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LED Grow Lights

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