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Led Grow Lights are one of the fastest growing sectors within the LED light industry and the fastest growing sector within the horticultural industry. USA and EU relaxation of certain growing restrictions means this industry is primed to explode over then next 5 years. 

Grow tents are a simple, practical and fast solution to providing a controlled horticultural environment. Our tents are easy to assemble and come with every feature needed to aide successful growth.

As 2016 comes, new , updated (dare we say - better) purchasing platforms come along. We, at Led Grow Lights, believe we are just that.

Led grow lights' 1st customer. They did not let us down, the 400w lights we ordered came quickly and in first rate quality.

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Fantastic Led Grow light supplier. We purchased stock for our growing business. Could not be happier with the Lights and the Grow tents supplied.

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